Are Subsequent Births Shorter?

So…you had a 30 hour labor with your first baby and now you’re pregnant with baby #2. It’s common to go into your next labor with a bit of uncertainty or apprehension knowing what you experienced the first time.
Birthing woman
Here’s the good news: Your first baby paved the way and second babies are a whole different ball game!  A good estimate for the length of labor for a second baby is half of the first, but this is just an estimate. Maybe you had to push for a long time to get that first baby out and you’re worried about having to push for a prolonged period of time again.
To ease your mind a little, I’ll share a story with you. I had a client who labored with her first baby for 10 hours before she was ready to push. After three hours of pushing with her midwife, the OB on call asked if she could push with her to see how well she was moving the baby. After one push the OB told the mom she was moving the baby well and let her continue as long as she had strength. Finally, almost 2 ½ hours later, she pushed out her baby!
You calculated that correctly; she pushed for nearly 5 ½ hours! As long as both mom and baby are fine, some labors just need time.  Imagine the apprehension and fear that came along when she was expecting their second baby. Fast forward to labor day…She had a quick three hour labor and her baby gently slipped out without even the need to push! Second babies are a whole different ball game!
So what does baby #3 look like? We call them the Wild Card so be prepared for whatever it needs to be and remember…YOU GOT THIS!
Newborn toes
Thank you @douladianne for writing this for our community and for the wonderful photos!
Hope this helps you!
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