Baby Shower Cancelled due to Covid-19

My baby shower is cancelled due to social distancing! Now what?
Don't worry! You can still celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby. Friends and family can still shower you with love and affection. You just need to plan it a little bit differently!
  1. Buy yourself a new dress or party outfit (treat yourself).
  2. Buy yourself (and other household members) a cake and treats.
  3. Decorate (if you have energy).
  4. Set up a zoom/skype conference call with close friends and family. You can still play the traditional baby shower games. Get your "guests" to dress up and buy treats for themselves also! 
  5. Your party "guests" can still buy gifts online and get them shipped to your house. (Hint: Our hospital birth bag is a perfect baby shower gift!)
  6. Take pictures! Remember, not every Mama will be able to say they gave birth during the Covid-19 era!

Baby Shower Picnic

Alternatively, just enjoy a special evening with your significant other!

This is obviously not the ideal baby shower but we have to make do with what we have during this time. Also, being positive will always make you feel better!
Lots of people plan their own baby showers but if you were expecting someone else to plan one for you feel free to send them a link to this blog post (less stress and planning for you!). 
I hope this helps and has given you some inspiration!
xx Dear Heart Co. 

A little intro to Dear Heart:

 We are two Canadian Mamas with children of our own. Our goal is to offer high quality Baby & Mama products that are made in Canada, using natural materials, like bamboo and linen. All of our bamboo and linen products are made with Oeko-Tex certified fabric that is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and a healthier alternative for your baby. We are proud that all of our products are designed and made in Canada. Follow our journey on Instagram @dear.heart.co

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