Birth Story: Almost didn't make it to the birth center!

Having a baby during covid 2020 will be a year to remember. I started with the goal of having a baby at a birth center. After fighting my insurance who refused to pay $6,000 I decided to hire a doula to be my voice to have a natural birth at a hospital (meaning no medication what so ever). When approaching 32 weeks us moms got word that doulas not only wouldn’t be allowed in the labor room but dads wouldn’t be allowed as well. This was the tipping point for me to revisit the idea of having my baby at a birth center. I found one that would only charge me $3,000 since I was 32 weeks pregnant. I decided screw it we will pay this out of pocket and fight my insurance later for going out of network. 
At 39 weeks my water broke. This was not my first rodeo. This is my third baby. Knowing this I knew even though my water broke didn’t mean I’d go into labor right away. However, I knew I’d go into labor within the next 12 hours. 10 hours later I started feeling some contractions. I decided to go into the birth center to have a midwife check to see how dilated I was. I was only 4cm and the baby hadn’t quite dropped yet. Since the birth center was 5 miles away they sent me home to labor a little bit longer and once my contractions was closer together to go back.
Well within the hour my contractions came on so strong and only 2 minutes apart. With my doula on her way to the birth center I was left laboring at home with my husband. Through every strong contraction I was on all fours holding a birthing ball and squeezing my husband hand. I was sweating like I had ran a marathon and knew at this point if we didn’t make it to the birth center I was going to have this baby at home with just my husband and I.
He practically carried me to the car as I’m screaming in between these contractions. All the breathing techniques and relax your shoulders I had practiced went out the window at this point. I straddled the front passenger seat of my SUV as my husband drove way pass the city limits to get me to the birth center. Half way there I felt the baby drop right into my pelvic area and a gush of liquid coming out. I screamed like a mammal in distress. I knew within the next couple minutes this baby would come.
As my husband parked in front of the birth center my midwife and doula ran out as I’m screaming in the front seat that I had to push.
They dragged me into the birth center and I couldn’t feel my right leg as it was shaking uncontrollably. When people talk about the ring of fire I absolutely felt that and knew this was it. I made it into the bath tub on my knees and bam the baby basically flew out!!! If I would have waited two more minutes at home I would have had a freeway baby. A healthy boy was born exactly 12 hours from when my water broke but the active labor was only an hour in half. 
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