Birth Story: Breech C-Section

I am very lucky and blessed to have had a beautiful and uncomplicated C-section experience, as I know that this is definitely not the case for all mothers who birth this way.

 At my 35 week appointment, both of my midwives thought that my baby was in breech position. This was confirmed by ultrasound a couple days later. My midwife gave me several ideas of things to try doing to get baby to flip, but nothing worked for us. I also had an OB perform 3 External Cephalic Versions (ECV), where he manually tried to turn my baby around, by basically pushing on my belly to give baby no where else to go but around but unfortunately, they all failed. So, we scheduled a C-section for 3 days before my due date. 

Typical surgery preparation consisted of some appointments, ending with a Pre-Op appointment where I was given instructions on the few things I needed to do the night before and morning of surgery. 

We showed up to the hospital early in the morning, got registered and settled into Labour & Delivery, and waited for our turn to meet our baby! We walked back to the OR, and my husband had to stay back for a few minutes while I was prepped for the procedure. The mood in the room was happy and calm! Once we were ready to go, my husband was called in, and he sat on a stool near my head and we waited for our baby to be born. 

There was a blue drape up in front of my face, so we couldn’t see anything, but I was able to feel lots of pressure and tugging. This was such a blessing though, to be able to be awake during surgery like this so I could be awake for our baby’s birth! About 5 or 10 minutes after my husband came in, we finally got to hear our baby’s first cry! A nurse brought him to our side of the drape for a couple seconds so we could see him, and then went to check him and get him wrapped up and ready for us to hold. During this time, there was a lot more pressure and tugging as they finished the surgery, but still no pain. I would describe it as being really uncomfortable, but no pain whatsoever.

After a couple minutes, our baby was brought over to us and we got to hold him for the first time! My husband went back to the Recovery Room with baby, and they waited there while surgery was finished.I was still in OR for 15 or 20 minutes, and was soon wheeled back into Recovery. We spent about an hour there and then went back to our room. We stayed at the hospital for the next 2 nights.

Recovery was long. Luckily, this was my first child, so I could just take care of him and rest whenever he was sleeping! I remember it being difficult to stand up out of the chair, to roll over in bed, to sit up in bed, and even walking was really slow. I had to constantly remind myself of the major surgery that I had just gone through. All I did was take care of my baby, and rest as much as possible.


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