Birth Story: Henry Eli

August 12th2018 was baby’s due date and he proceeded to be very prompt. We had recently moved to a new house an hour and 20 minutes away from the hospital I was planning to deliver at with my midwives. I was a bit concerned about the possibility of giving birth to our baby on the side of the road. Contractions started around 4pm. We waited one hour to ensure that it actually felt like real labour before heading out. We met up with my parents for them to take the two older kids and made our way to the hospital by 7pm.

I laboured for another 4 hours and progressed to a 6-7. My midwife was about to break my water when it broke spontaneously. I was standing beside the bed, the midwife had left the room to collect all the newborn supplies, and I could feel baby descending. I told my husband to press the nurse button and somehow got up onto the bed (I instinctually felt that I could not deliver our baby standing up). The top end of the bed was tilted vertically and I leaned forward against it for the final pushing stage.

My midwife came rushing back in the room as she heard that the nurse’s button had been pressed from our room. With an incredible urge to push, I tried to hold back and pant to avoid tearing. Within minutes Henry was born! Our third baby boy, Henry, was 8lbs5oz born at 11:30pm. Overall, labour lasted about 7 hours including early labour without any interventions!


A little intro to Dear Heart:

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