Birth Story: Identical Twins

twin birth
At 30+ weeks I was diagnosed with early onset preeclampsia, and was admitted to administer two shots of steroids for faster mature development of the babies' lungs incase of preterm labour. For another three weeks, antepartum nurses did home visits for NSTs and to monitor my hypertension symptoms.
Just shy of 34 weeks my body was physically beat, and the doctors chose to keep me at the hospital. Four days later, the twins needed to be delivered to relieve me from preeclampsia.
My OB induced me the night of April 6. She put me on magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures, and oxytocin to start the contractions. I started at 3cm before any medications, and was in the OR right after midnight. On April 7, Zaine Elijah was born at 12:15am; 5lbs 1oz, and Xzander Joseph was born at 12:25am; 4lbs 1oz. The identical twins were born vaginally as planned! I stayed in the hospital until Easter Sunday, and the babies stayed 12 days in the NICU.
Now we're all home, and getting stronger everyday!
Thanks @twonevif for sharing with us!
xx Dear Heart Co.

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