Birth Story: Induction Changed to C-Section

Baby Avery Rose came into the world at lightening speed on February 2, 2020. However, leading up to that moment was a roller coaster of emotions. When I found out I was pregnant, I was overjoyed with the idea of expanding our family! I could hardly wait for the 9 months to pass so I could hold my little baby in my arms. I had a very pleasant pregnancy, I was blessed to not experience much morning sickness or any serious complications.
However, at my first ultrasound, the technician noticed that I had a placenta growth factor which meant that the placenta would eventually stop providing nourishment for the baby. We kept a close eye on the PGF throughout the pregnancy but at 36 weeks pregnant, the OB noticed the placenta was slowing down.., which meant that at any time it could stop doing its job.
So at 39 weeks pregnant, the OB decided it was best to induce the baby and bring her into the world. At 11AM on February 1st, I walked into the hospital to be induced. With a quick lubrication I was told it would take anywhere from 12-24 hours to induce labour, then we were sent home. We spent the whole day wondering when the time would come, and at 9PM with a few intermittent contractions we went back to the hospital only to be told to go home again. Then at 11PM that night, laying in bed, my water broke. We’re going to have a baby! We excitedly went to the hospital; the contractions were insane! I eagerly accepted the epidural, not realizing this would put the baby into fetal distress.
With only 1cm dilated, I had a ways to go. The doctors continued to monitor the baby with hopes she would stabilize her heart rate, but with every contraction her heart rate would continue to drop lower and lower.The doctor decided it was safer to get her out ASAP! I agreed to have a C-Section and was hastily taken to the operating room. Not even an hour later I could hear those fresh cries and little Avery Rose was in my arms! She is now four months old and just the sweetest, silliest, most loving little girl.
Thanks for sharing your story @adri3nne
xx Vanessa and Brianna

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