Birth Story: Premature during a Pandemic

My son decided he had an arrival date of his own and came 7 weeks early. This was my first pregnancy and from what I’ve heard I was the luckiest. I had no morning sickness, hardly any complaints for pain etc.. it was a very easy pregnancy.
Then I woke up with some bleeding and with it being my first I was terrified, I tried contacting my OB but her office was closed as it was Easter so off to the hospital I went. After being checked they sent me home, I was 1cm dilated but they had no concerns of baby coming. About 4-5 hours later my water broke and back to the hospital I went. I was absolutely terrified about giving birth not only during a pandemic but to a preemie baby!
The drs and nurses were beyond sweet and assured me everything would be okay. 10hours later my baby boy Emerson arrived shocking everyone when he weighed 5lbs 13oz and did not need any help breathing ! Unfortunately he did have to go to the NICU and they only allowed Moms to visit but 3 weeks later he is home with Mommy & Daddy enjoying the social distancing!
Thanks for sharing with us @knsweeney !
xx Dear Heart Co.

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