Birth Story: Remy's Water Birth

Child birth, wow. What a difference labor was this time round. When I had my firstborn, I birthed on the bed, on my back and the pain was excruciating! My first birth scarred me, I had so many stitches and couldn’t pee without crying! It only took me 8 years to go back for baby number 2!
I went into the birth with my second baby with a positive mind frame & calm. I only allowed myself to walk around the room or bounce on the birthing ball, I was not going to get onto that hospital bed unless they made me! I didn’t have a set birth plan but I knew I wanted a water birth. My labour started with me getting into bed on a Sunday night, 8:35pm and I feel a contraction, Braxton Hicks I thought. Half hour later, another, then another then another. They weren’t painful but I couldn’t sleep as I was too excited. I woke my Husband up at 1am. My waters had broken, my contractions are 6 minutes apart but still only feeling like period pain. We decided to head to the hospital to get checked over. We got there and they put me in a birthing suite, they weren’t busy so I was allowed to stay and wait it out.
My active labour started at 6:30am. As the sun was rising I knew that it was the day we were going to get to meet our baby girl. With every contraction I would tell myself to breathe, I couldn’t bare the touch of my husband while he tried to massage me or hold my hand. Labour for me is something I need to do, I feel the pain so I need to deal with the pain in my own way. When the contractions started to feel unbearable I knew it was nearly time, so I hopped into the bath. I felt the urge to push during a contraction shortly after I had gotten in. 4 pushes and she was earth side. I went drug free, and only had to get four internal stitches. I 100% recommend a water birth, Such an experience! I’m was feeling back to my normal self within a few hours and walking around like I hadn’t just given birth! It just goes to show no labor is the same. My little girl was born 16th March 2020, 9:48am. Weighing 8pound 2oz, we named her Remy.
Unmedicated waterbirth
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