Breathing Techniques

As a birth and post-partum doula one of my favorite tools to teach moms (and dads) is breathing. There are many different techniques and styles, but getting used to them in pregnancy is an easy way to prepare for labor.

Start by sitting comfortably and just noticing how your normal breath feels in your body. You can practice things like box breathing (Inhale to a count of 5, hold your breath for 5, exhale to a count of 5 and hold again for 5)

Another thing to practice is filling your from your belly up to your chest as you inhale, and then a long slow exhale (aiming for twice as long exhales ex 4s inhale, 8s exhale). Affirmations as you breath such as "inhale peace, exhale tension" can also be useful. Get your partner involved by syncing your breath together to find connection and relaxation.

The best thing about breath work is it will be applicable to any type of birth from no interventions to c-sections - as well as long after giving birth in those motherhood moments when all you can do is breathe.  


Thanks Karin from @wellmess.co for sharing!


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