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Hospital Bag Q & A

What should I pack in my hospital bag?

Hospital paperwork
Health card/insurance 
Birth plan
Phone & charger
Personal cosmetics
Lip balm
Hair elastic
Set of clothes
Nursing bra
Slippers or flip flops
Nursing pads
Extra underwear
Maternity pads
Electrolyte drink
Baby shampoo
Diaper cream
Hat 1-2
Blanket 1-2
Sleeper 1-2
Onsie 1-2
Infant car seat
Car seat cover
Formula (if that is your feeding plan)

Winter babies should have an additonal warm layer for coming home!
Phone & charger
Set of clothes


When should I pack my hospital bag?
I usually pack my hospital bag around 34 weeks. If you are getting anxious about it then just get it done now! Save yourself some stress!
Where should I store my hospital bag?
Pack your bag and leave it in the car or in a front hall closet. Also remember to have an infant car seat ready to go.
I thought hospitals provided diapers/wipes/formula?
Canadian hospitals do have things like diapers/wipes and formula but they expect you to bring your own. Their supply is just for emergencies.
I am planning a home birth. Should I still pack a hospital bag?
Yes, even if you are planning a home birth you may still end up going to the hospital. It is better to be prepared than to have nothing with you in the event of an emergency.
What if my milk doesn't come in right away and I need to pump? Should I bring a breast pump?
Hospitals have high quality breast pumps that you can use while at the hospital or rent for a nominal fee. If you have a pump that you want to bring then do so and leave it in the car and bring it up if/when necessary.

HELPFUL HINT FOR THOSE WANTING TO BREASTFEED: Bring some Mother's Milk Tea to the hospital and enjoy several times per day. This can help with milk production.



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