MAMA Campaign February 2021: Meet MAMA Ashley

Meet Ashley. She is a Mama and has 4 of her own children. Ashley’s world changed forever on January 17th, 2020. On that day, her brother passed away, never getting a chance to meet his unborn twin babies. 

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Dear Heart MAMA Campaign

The biological mother of the twins was an addict for years and couldn’t offer much of a livelihood to her unborn twins. At 30 weeks gestation, she went on a bender that resulted in early labour. She gave birth to twin boys March 18th 2020. Born 10 weeks before their time, and addicted to several illicit drugs including, but not limited to, cocaine and fentanyl; these boys were off to a rough start.

With their father gone, and a mother unfit to care for them, Ashley and her partner Aaron, started the process to bring them home with them. They spent many weeks going to and from the hospital. They also knew that one of the twins might have some complications. At 6 months old, Kingsley was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. (A result of a ventricular cyst and PVL-Periventricular leukomalacia, most likely arising from clinical death at birth, which caused oxygen deprivation.)

Most children don’t receive a diagnosis for Cerebral Palsy until approximately 24 months. Due to the severity, Kingsley was diagnosed much earlier. Kingsley is faced with many challenges every single day. He suffers from constant leg tremors, painful muscle spasms, the complication of choking on his drool or milk during feeds and potential seizures. Kingsley is unable to sleep for long periods of time, especially throughout the night. 

On countless occasions Aaron and Ashley have been woken from a dead sleep by screams, only to find Kingsley incredibly stiff with pain and clenched fists. Making it through the night is just one part of the struggle. During the day on the other hand, Kingsley needs to be held constantly, trying to find some sense of comfort by either being rocked and/or sung too.  

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Dear Heart MAMA Campaign

Having four children of their own, the twins and all of the necessary equipment now required for Kingsley; Aaron and Ashley have their hands very full.

They are such incredible, selfless and hardworking parents. Show some love for our February MAMA and help us spread Cerebral Palsy Awareness by sharing Ashley and Aaron's story.

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