Nursing Positions

Breastfeeding allows you the opportunity to feed your baby in whatever position you find most comfortable. Taking a laid back approach and nursing in a reclined position, is beneficial for baby-led latching. This allows baby to maneuver themselves and “bob” over to the nipple. This is also a beneficial position for some babies who have a shallow latch. In addition, this position might be helpful if you had a c-section birth. There are several other positions you can nurse your babe in.

Cradle (and cross-cradle) are most common. In these positions mom supports baby with her arm while baby’s head rests near the elbow. When you use cradle position, you support baby with the arm on the side they are nursing. When you use cross-cradle, you are using your opposite arm to support your baby.

Football hold is how it sounds. Just as you would tuck a football under your arm, this position is nursing your baby with his or her body tucked into your arm, under your shoulder. This position is a great one if you’ve had difficulty using the cradle positions.

Side lying is a wonderful option as mom gets a chance to lie down. In this position, mom lies on her side and positions baby facing her belly to belly. This is another position that works for c-section births.

Finally, Tandem is used when nursing multiples at the same time or nursing a toddler as well as baby.


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