Products We Love: Satya Skincare


Only 5 ingredients:

  • Organic Calendula Petals
  • Organic cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Organic cold pressed Jojoba Oil
  • Organic Colloidal oatmeal

Around 9 months our little man, Sean, started showing signs of food allergies. Within a couple weeks he had a rash that flared up all over his body. He was in pain and itchy everywhere. He started waking up every hour in the night crying. Our days were long as he would not stop crying. It was so frustrating to see our little love suffering so much.


Since I was still nursing, I had to watch the foods that I was eating as well as all the solids I was introducing to Sean. His rash would start to get better and then suddenly it would flare up again.

Luckily now we have his rash mostly under control. We know what he can tolerate and whenever we introduce new foods to him, we wait a fews days to see if his rash flares up.

After many visits to a paediatrician, various steroid creams it seemed that nothing would work except eliminate all the foods that was causing a reaction. The one thing that has helped us through this struggle was the Satya eczema cream.

Thanks to a wonderful recommendation from Makay, we were excited to try something that might finally help.

As soon as our Satya came in the mail, we started using it immediately and we noticed results immediately. For the first time in weeks, Sean slept through the night again. He stopped the constant scratching and the red rash reduced considerably.


We feel so much better using this organic and natural alternative to the steroid creams. We can feel comfortable using it on his face and not worry if some ends up too close to his eyes or mouth. As a matter of fact it can be used anywhere on your body including your lips.

I highly recommend this product to anyone struggling with itchy skin, rashes, dry skin, or other skincare related issues.


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xx Dear Heart Co.



A little intro to Dear Heart:

 We are two Canadian Mamas with children of our own. Our goal is to offer high quality Baby & Mama products that are made in Canada, using natural materials, like bamboo and linen. All of our bamboo and linen products are made with Oeko-Tex certified fabric that is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and a healthier alternative for your baby. We are proud that all of our products are designed and made in Canada. Follow our journey on Instagram @dear.heart.co

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