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Sleeping Baby
Think about baby’s schedule in terms of Wake,  Eat, Play, Sleep. This will help with both great feeding habits and great sleep habits! 
This means baby will feed when he wakes up for the day, and when he wakes up from each nap, rather than right at naptime. He will also have a feed as part of his bedtime routine, of course, to get that tummy filled up, but try to avoid the feed being the very last thing that happens before he goes into the crib at night. (E.g. Do a feed during the bedtime routine, and keep him awake on it, then read a story or two afterwards so we avoid a feed-sleep association that can then cause a baby to be up every hour in the night looking for that sleep crutch to get him back to sleep again!)⠀
Avoiding the feed-to-sleep association also promotes better feeds, because baby generally gets bigger, better, more efficient feeds when he is fully awake while eating rather than dozing off on the breast or bottle.⠀
Thank you @thehappysleepcompany for the advice! Photo credit @wellmess.co . 
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