Should I Breastfeed or Bottlefeed? Supplement? Pump?

One big decision you need to make is how you will feed your baby. 

“as a pediatrician, I always recommend breastmilk and breastfeeding although that’s not the right answer for every single family. What I like to recommend is happy baby, happy mother; happy mother, happy baby. I will never force a mother to breastfeed who does not want to breastfeed.”

 -Dr. Dyan Hes

Although it is widely agreed that breastfeeding is great sometimes mothers can't or choose not to breastfeed.

 Many things may affect the way we feed our babies including allergies, milk supply, work, hormone imbalance, health issues, choice, lifestyle...


  • Convenient (No mixing bottles)
  • Perfect temperature
  • Perfect mix of everything the baby needs.
  • Can change according to baby's needs: On hot days your milk is more runny to quench babies thirst. Your milk will have more antibodies if baby/mama is fighting a bug.
  • Cost effective (other than supplements or nursing aids)
  • Antibodies in breastmilk can boost baby's immune system
  • Potential health benefits for mama (reduce risk of emotional health issues, osteoporosis, uterine/breast/ovarian cancer)
  • Potentially help lose baby weight
  • Great way for Mama and baby to bond 


  • Anybody can feed baby
  • Mother has more flexibility (especially if going back to work)
  • Stronger bond between Dad and Baby
  • Includes all nutritional requirements for baby
  • Mama doesn't need to cut out certain foods (that may effect baby if breastfeeding)
  • Less stress (wondering if baby is getting enough to eat).
  • Potentially more sleep for parents as baby may sleep longer stretches.
  • Breastfeeding may be too much stress on Mama's mental, physical or emotional health.
  • Sometimes necessary (low/no milk supply, health issues, lifestyle...)


Some mothers choose a combination of breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, pumping and/or supplementing. Choose whatever works best for you and your family!

Remember, it is more important to support other mamas than to judge them for their decisions.

 We do not know nor need to know someone else's reasons for choosing a feeding method.

Being a mother is hard work! Let's all support each other!

Just Remember: FED IS BEST!


Hope This Helps!


xx Dear Heart Co.



A little intro to Dear Heart:

 We are two Canadian Mamas with children of our own. Our goal is to offer high quality Baby & Mama products that are made in Canada, using natural materials, like bamboo and linen. All of our bamboo and linen products are made with Oeko-Tex certified fabric that is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and a healthier alternative for your baby. We are proud that all of our products are designed and made in Canada. Follow our journey on Instagram @dear.heart.co

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