Stuck in an elevator at 39 weeks pregnant!

At 39 weeks pregnant, my husband and I made the 2 hour drive down to Toronto for a visit with our high risk OB. We had to park in a parking garage a short walk away from the clinic. Even before we parked it felt like my bladder was going to explode. I struggled down the many stairs to the street and the walk to the clinic. After waiting for a very slow elevator with many others, we were so close to the clinic and a washroom. We had to squeeze into a full elevator, me with my large belly and full bladder. The elevator started to move and soon stopped at the second floor. Except the doors didn't open. Same thing happened on the 3rd floor and 4th... We soon passed our floor and the doors weren't opening. The realization that we might be stuck on an elevator full of people and a full bladder was enough to make me want to panic. Arriving at the top floor, the doors finally opened. Someone had pressed the button to go down and that was the only reason why the doors opened. We weren't fast enough to squeeze our way out of the elevator before the doors closed again. Luckily, a few floors down someone was also waiting for the elevator and the doors opened once again. We quickly got off and rushed down many flights of stairs to the clinic and thankfully made it to the washroom in time!


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