Tips on transitioning from 2-3 kids

Honestly, the first week is hard. You just gave birth. You are recovering. You are taking care of a newborn. You are developing a breastfeeding relationship with baby (if nursing). Get help from a spouse or family member to watch the older kids for the first bit.

You already know how to take care of a newborn but now you are outnumbered!

Eventually it will just become your new normal. Here is some advice to make the transition a little smoother. 


Before Baby is Born:

  • Spend quality time with your older kids before baby arrives.
  • Make freezer meals for the first weeks/months postpartum for less stress at dinner time.
  • Get older kids transitioned into new things way before baby comes (ie. sleep training, room changes, bed changes, potty training)
  • Set up changing stations around the house for more efficient diaper changes.


After Baby is Born:

  • Give yourself grace.
  • Ask for help.
  • Sometimes you can't do it all.
  • An older child may need to just wait patiently (ie. feeding baby and other child needs water).
  • Have special toy(s) that older kids can play with when tending to the baby.
  • Baby wear
  • Get older kids involved in taking care of baby.



Hope this helps!


xx Dear Heart Co.



A little intro to Dear Heart:

 We are two Canadian Mamas with children of our own. Our goal is to offer high quality Baby & Mama products that are made in Canada, using natural materials, like bamboo and linen. All of our bamboo and linen products are made with Oeko-Tex certified fabric that is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and a healthier alternative for your baby. We are proud that all of our products are designed and made in Canada. Follow our journey on Instagram @dear.heart.co

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