View from a VBAC Mama

There are some differences between a C-section and a vaginal delivery, but the most important thing is that a baby is born!
Newborn Baby
For me there were some similarities, specifically in recovery. Both times I was tired, had pain, similar bleeding, breastfeeding experiences, and hormonal changes. I needed to allow myself to rest as much as possible for both recoveries!
My C-section was scheduled, so I was able to plan for the exact day that our baby would be born. There wasn’t any waiting and wondering, “is today the day?”. I had a full night of sleep, and wasn’t in any labour pain as I walked into the hospital. The last few minutes before surgery, my husband and I just hung out and waited until it was time to go to the OR. The difference between the two births is very clear when looking at the hours leading up to birth.
I was in labour for several days with my vaginal birth, and had hardly slept for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. The drive to the hospital and getting checked into the hospital wasn’t nearly as easy this time around. I got an epidural after 4 hours of active labour as I was exhausted from the previous three days of contractions. Finally after the longest marathon, our baby was born! 
In both cases, it was difficult to get up and move around shortly after giving birth. I had just gone through some difficult (but so amazing!) things, and I needed rest. In both situations, I was given pain medication afterwards to keep my pain level in check.
My recovery from my VBAC was more difficult as I had a 3rd degree tear (which was very uncomfortable). On the days that my husband couldn’t be at home, I loved having people come over and help with our older child.
However, my C-section recovery was definitely longer. My body reminded me often when I had been doing too much and still needed to rest. I was instructed to not lift anything over 10 pounds or even do any light housework. 
Both times, the days and weeks flew by in a blur and suddenly my baby wasn’t a teeny tiny newborn anymore. I slowly started to feel more and more like myself! In the moment it feels so hard to see it, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! The days are hard, but so beautiful- and so worth it all.
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