Water Birth

Dr. Brittany Ellison DNP, CNM

 Water birth is becoming more common in America today. Women are noticing that giving birth in warm water is relaxing, comforting, and soothing. Water birth offers many benefits including: improved circulation, reduction in stress, increased elasticity of the perineum reducing vaginal tears, and improvement of the infant’s sense of security.

The concept behind water birth is that since the infant has been in an aquatic environment for almost 10 months, birthing in a similar environment provides a gentler experience for the infant while offering relief for the mother. A common concern, expressed by parents, is if the infant can breathe under water and the short answer is no. An infant’s initial response to breathe is based on the lungs expanding when exposed to air. This response is delayed when being born under water and the infant will take its first breath when exposed to the air. The mother is still supplying the infant with the needed oxygen through the placenta while it is attached.

Water birth should always occur under the supervision of a qualified healthcare provider and some medical complications are not ideal for water birth.

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