What do I need to survive postpartum?

We read books and articles about pregnancy, labour and delivery but don't research enough about postpartum. Postpartum is when the hard (but rewarding!) part begins. Our hormones are all over the place, our bodies are changed forever, we survive off little sleep and we have a little person to look after.

Postpartum is hard but beautiful. Your world narrows into the tiny sphere of your home and sometimes you wonder will I ever go out again? The answer is of course! This is just a season! It is incredibly important to make sure you take care of yourself during this time. Take small breaks, hand baby to your someone and go for a shower or take a sitz bath to help heal. Get some fresh air. Get your husband/mom/sister/friend to make meals, clean up and do dishes. Accept help from others and enjoy your baby!

The first few days are long but your baby will be 6 weeks before you know it! To survive those first few days and weeks prepare yourself before your baby is born. 

Buy the following things for Mom:
Nursing pads (reusable or disposable)
Sitz bath (warm water and epsom salts help clean and heal)
Epsom salts
Maternity pads 
Witch hazel
Stool softener
Haemorrhoid cream
Mother's milk tea (if breastfeeding)
Nursing Bras (if breastfeeding)
Disposable underpads (for bed or for changing baby)
Peri Bottle (take your one home from hospital!)
Lanolin Cream 
Granny Panties

Buy the following things for Baby so you don't need to leave the house:
Box of Newborn diapers (unless cloth diapering)
Box of size 1 diapers  (unless cloth diapering)
Box of wipes
Infant medication (to have on hand in case of emergency)
Bulb syringe (to clear nostrils and help baby breathe)
Infant nail clippers or electric nail file

What to do before baby arrives:

Make freezer meals and snacks. Friends and family may bring meals in the first couple weeks. Having meals in the freezer allows you to have more time with baby even past the first few weeks. 

Stock your fridge and pantry with healthy food and snacks. 

Have all baby's clothes washed and ready to go.

Make padsicles for postpartum healing. Open large pads, saturate with witch hazel, add a couple tablespoons of aloe and a couple drops of lavender. Refold pads and place in large ziploc bag. Freeze. 

If you are planning on breastfeeding then do some research. Midwives, nurses, lactation consultants and doctors at the hospital will help you start your breastfeeding journey but there is lots of information out there that can help you. Read a book such as Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding. 

I hope this helps you prepare for the arrival of your little one!

If there is anything else you have done to prepare for postpartum comment down below!


xx Dear Heart Co. 



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