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Our Story

We are sisters from Canada with children of our own. Vanessa has four little boys: Hudson, Caleb, Henry & Ethan and Brianna has a boy, Sean, and a girl, Louisa. Growing up, we spent all of our time together and now we get to share our motherhood journeys together. We have both been through the ups and downs of pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood.  

After Sean's 20 week anatomy scan it was discovered that he did not develop his left forearm and hand as a result of amniotic band syndrome. The specialists also warned of potential additional complications. Sean is now a toddler and is the happiest and sweetest little boy! Sean is our inspiration for Dear Heart Co.

We know that everyone has their own special story and tough things that they must navigate. Sometimes the hardest part is not knowing what the future will bring.  We want to help all expectant mothers have a smooth transition into motherhood!

Our Mission

To provide support through community and products for all mothers throughout pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood. To spread awareness about all the tough stuff including Limb Difference.


We are proud to offer products sourced from natural materials. Our fabrics are all Oeko-Tex Certified to offer you an eco-friendly alternative that is free of harmful toxins.